Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I LA LA LOVE SpankN dat AZZ!!!!!

I wouldn't call what I like doing a fetish. Fetish leads one to believe that one might be obsessed. Me, not so much obsessed, I would call it more like an involuntary reflex, kind of like the kick your leg does when hit by one of those cute little doctor hammers. As I was saying Reflex, I see butt, i hit butt, plain and simple.

I have never been what you call an azz girl, I think I just like the idea of spanking people. It doesn't even have to be for sexual pleasure. If I think you will be okay with it, I will reach out and spank YOU, hahahahahah. I just like the reactions. FUN w/spankN I say, hehe!!!!

My preferences are over the knee, cupped hand or w/objects - you know whips, paddles and such. Once, you might remember this, Omar, I broke a paddle over your azz, one fine birthday, hehe. You know you loved it.

A while back, I bought me a little pleasure paddle for my personal in the bedroom adventures, and that M#$#erF#$King paddle hurts like HELL. It is kind of like RUBBER, you know RUBBER like the industrial shit your tires are made of. At the store, I thought cool, it feels good on the bottom, I tried it out, on myself, BUT obviously not hard enough. The first time I took azz to tire paddle from someone, I though my azz had been set on fire. I hid paddle. Well until I decided to take it to work, for some reason I must of been unsure of the pain it previouisly caused. You might think, that is weird, taking it to work and all, BUT NO, they understand my love of spanking, hehe - sad isn't? Well, so , I made a little deal with the BIGGEST GUY in our office you know the guy that also is known for having the BIGGEST, most UNPENITRATABLE Buns(infact to his family and friends he is know as THUNDER BUNS, or in our office as Nalgas de Treno)known to man. So the deal was, if I let him hit me once with it, I could hit him 3 times. I thought AWESOME, I thought HELL yeah, I get to lay it on him like a mamma in the 50's, you know beat down style. Well that is all I was thinking bout, not my poor, little, tender, never been abused azz. So I went first. Background on BIG, 6"2', MUSCLE MAN, with BUNS of STEEL who works out ON A DAILY - oh, UGH....that is the background, hahahahahah. So we are excited, it is 9AM and we are ready to do this, Fuck work, let's get spankings. So I begin, I cock my hand back(i said Cock, hahaha) and WHAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - He doesn't even flinch. He says, "Did you do it yet?" UGH................... so I do a little paddle to the air, you know like a base ball player getting ready to break WOOD(I said wood, hahahaha). So I HIT again w/great force and furious anger - NOTHING, he says "Is that all you got?" So by this time, I am at a loss, I don't know what to do, there is no back peddling, one more paddle and then it is my azz. So I give it ONE MORE GOOD ONE - he turns, and says "HAHHAHAHAHAH, that was nothing." I am rarely afraid of things, but just to let you know, I WAS SCURRED!!!! It was like I was dieing and my life was passing before my eyes, except I wasn't dieing and it was all my spankings passing before my very eyes....like when my Mom would ask me for my belt, you know those ones from back in the days, cowboyish w/your name on it, all thick and shit. Or when my grandmother, would grab me by my leg(cuz i was trying to run) and just start hitting me with her hand as if she was trying to turn whatever body part that was sticking out, INSIDE. OR that time my brother got me w/the horse whip and I had to KICK his AZZ(he was still small). THEN I remembered all my pleasurable spankings..........nice(you gets no details), hehe - THEN it was time. I leaned over the table, and it was like FOREVER, he just taunted me, him and all my co-workers watching, slobbering, laughing. I knew he wasn't going to take any mercy on me, probably because he told me, "I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE ANY MERCY ON YOU!" He actually cocked his hand back, like he needed to, and SWUNG, like I was a pinata. It was like I felt the PAIN, before it got there, it was like the wind in front of the paddle sent warning, to let me know that this was going to be BAD. HIT!!!!! MY KNEES actually went out on me, I felt like I wanted to come out of my skin, my eyes watered. Everyone was like DAMN! I tried to hold back tears and laugh it off, but that SHIT HURT!!!!!! And he actually said to me "I HELD BACK A LITTLE..." Can you believe if he hadn't, I know I wouldn't like spankN azz anymore that is forsure. BUT, I live another day to SPANK, and one knee wobble is not enough to take this ol'girl down

So spankings, yeah I like them, I will give you one if you ask for it, and I will like it, hehe.


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