Thursday, May 31, 2007

What I got, and can't complain....

Let me just start with this, I am not a complainer....BUT(hahahahahahah), I have been lately. You know how they say it takes 14 days to make something a habit. Well somewhere in, I guess, maybe, the last year, for FOURTEEN DAYS STRAIGHT, I went on some kind of complain'a spree, some hate'a thon, some annoying piety party that I had for myself...AND I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE. I was swallowed up by the "NORM". HA! YES, I said it, most people complain alot, and some people can't say something without complaining. I know this, because I spend some time giving speeches on positive thinking and "this to will past" talk. Dear friends I am not complaining, I am happy to listen to your stuff, I am simply pointing out how we are a nation of finger pointers, we love to swim in our misery and talk about it. I, before my 14 days, was an optimist, an every cloud has a rainbow kind of girl. Even now, amidst my "nobody knowssssssssssss the troubles I see" song, I TRY, I TRY REAL HARD NOT TO BE THAT PERSON. Complaining has never gotten me anything I like or can use. I hate for some one to feel bad for me, or throw me a bone - it makes me feel LESS THAN.

Part of my positive speech is if you have a more positive attitude about things, and let things slide off your back more, it will get better. One day you will wake up and you won't have much to complain about - one - because you stop swimming in it and two - because you have spent all that time you had to spare(complain time) focused on something more positive.

So what happen to me(complaining statement), I have been trying to think positively but I can't get out of my financial crap hole, you know that big hole, you know that big hole with NO MONEY IN IT - UGH (the longest statement of complaint EVER)! BUT I don't want to be the Norm and so, I fight and I pray and I say, LORD, PLEASE KEEP ME POSITIVE. I think how easy it is to become prisoner to such a dirty habit. Sometimes when you are in it and doing it and doing it all the time, you don't even know. When someone asks me "How I'm doing?" I have to pause, because i don't want to say, "WELL....I hate where I live, I am bored at my job and the money I make is to fix the car I ALREADY paid off - bought extended warranty for, YET IT NEVER seems to apply to ANY thing that needs fixin on my car...go figure, not to mention getting laid has become a RARE event in my life, other than that I AM GREAT!(NO, this is the longest complaint statement EVER)." I also have to try not to make phone calls to my friends that start with the phrase "Guess what happen to me, this time..." OH MAN, i don't want to be that person, you just don't know how it hurts my heart and soul to know that I could be "THAT PERSON". It is not even that bad yet, but I have started to take notice. How can I call my self a positive person now? A HIPPO CRITE(aka hypocrite, Penelope Cruz in Blow style) more like it!

So "What I got....:"

I got my health - I got that
I Have a very supportive and loving family - I got that
I got ROCK ON, can't get NO BETTA friends - I got that
I NEVER feel unloved - I got that
I STILL feel there is NOTHING I CAN'T DO - I got that
I have a cat that is a pain in the ass and expects WAY too much of me and never gets it, but some how still loves me anyway - I got that
I have a great music and jewelry collection, GOOD I tell ya, very proud - I got that
I have a great personality, which is really taking over in my lacking looks department(not a complaint...I promise), hahahahahah - I got that
I got some skills, ranging from being a bad ass Tetris player, to suave clarinet player to a great dancer w/an extensive 80's dance move knowledge(I'm talking prep, whop, cabbage patch, etc.) - I got that
I am incredibly funny - i got that
I make a good salsa and 7 layer bean dip - I got that
I have good hands(not nasty like, you damn nasty punks) massage wise - i got that
I make a good cape cod (2 ingredients, but I know just the right amount of each) - I got that

I got alot to be good and happy about, no room for complaints, right? RIGHT ON!!!! What tha FA was wrong with me, maybe I just needed to talk it out with you fine people. There is absolutely NOTHING to complain about. I'm back babies, positive speaking from this moment on. YOU DIDN'T CLAIM MY SOUL, YOU Negative, Pessimistic, bad feelings and low expectation FREAKS!!!!!


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