Saturday, November 12, 2005

The PERFECT PERSON I could have...

So me and this friend of mine, Jo, were talking about relationships and what we wanted in them. She asked me, so what is your perfect man, what are the qualities you want, how do you want him to look, to act, all of it, crazy or not. So I was thinking what a hard question, but I figure if you know what you don't want it makes it easier. So I think back on all my interactions, connections, experiences and relationships and search my soul for the qualities of a person I MUST have, I would LIKE TO have and things I KNOW I DON'T want. So just for fun I will share. This is not to say that this is what I will get or search for or won't stop till I find, because as we all know, you can not change, mold or make someone EXACTLY the way you want them to be...what fun is that...really??? But just for fun if there was a BUILD A MAN STORE, LORD HELP ME, because I might buy more than know to do different things, hehe!!!!!!


1. Negative, pessimistic - WHY all the ugly, I hate this shit, one of the worst qualities for someone to have.
2. Braggy, Ego-trip, Better-than - WHAT THA FA ass wipe, you aren't better, there will be someone smarter, hotter, and any and everything else better than you - so fucking get over yourself.
3. Lazy - work, we have to work, the rich work, that is how they are rich and those fuckers who get it all handed to them, should work to, it makes you a better person, believe me.
4. Dry-humor - I am very uncomfortable around it, it takes too long to get comfortable with it, and then it is usually someone using comedy to have a reason for being an asshole, hahahah - I amused myself on this one.
5. LIARS - not a necessary trait. I understand it, I have used it, but man, honesty works so much more to your advantage than one might think. I really want to elaborate on this one, but I would have to write a whole new blog, but lying is so apart of who people are - which is not the people you really think they are BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS LYING(DEEP), hahahahah
6. Pride - this destroys relationships in the worse way. Pride are walls people put up, solid enough so you can't get through and just high enough so that you can get a glimpse. it is a quality I once carried like a sign, NOT WORTH IT.
7. Stank Ass - hygiene is really a priority, people aren't lying when they say this, bad breath, smelly Chorizo con juevos(crotch area for the non Spanish speakers, ahhahahaha), greasy hair, dirty ears, hey ashy elbows and knees is nothing to look at either, keep the jungle more like a nice playground (I think you know what I am saying. I am not saying I have had to deal much with these qualities but I know of them, and this is nothing nice. Now isn't this an interesting trait you never want to be told you have, hahahhaa.

I am sure there are more things I don't like, but these are the main NO NO's for me! No never again, No not again, NO, NO, NO - I will not, can not deal with these things EVER AGAIN.

Things I NEED to have in my partner of LOVE, hahaha.

1. Safety - I am very independent, it is carved in my soul. I would like to think that I don't need anyone to take care of me ANY KIND OF WAY. But when I finally let go of all that, I NEED to know, that there is a person that can back me up, in every manner, physically, mentally, financially, spiritually.
2. Humor - laughs get me through life, it is a necessity to me, like breath.
3. Space - let me explain - I need alone time more than one can imagine, I just like spending quality with myself, it gets me centered. I can't be smothered, I need to be able to do my own thing, I want my person to have their own thing - you get me - I want us to appreciate eachother, and too much of eachother is too much! I think I have made myself clear.
4. MUSIC LOVE - I know this is weird, but between breathing and laughing there is only MUSIC. Someone who loves it, talks it, willing to sit in music stores with me hours upon hours is the ONE.
5. Affection - don't get confused w/me needing the space, cold I am not, I love to be loved on, groped on, kissed, hugged, all that, all that - hand holding, wrestling, rub-ups, dry humps, hahahahah - YUP I am not scured to say it, I love all that.
6. Communication - how can I not say it enough, I would rather not run-it in my head till it hurts or I have made up the worst thing it could be or even worse, running it across each and every friend I have trying to figure it out. Also, if you need, want, or have something to say, just say it! it really is this simple.
7. Confidence/Cocky/Macho - okay now there must be just the right amount of this, not too much, not too little, but just right, hahahahah - I want someone who has there own opinion, they won't let me walk all over them (well you know, it happens),
they are sure of themselves and do not question who they are or what they can do.
8. Goals - someone who has a plan, is a man - a MAN With a PLAN, right on.
9. KID-LIKE Qualities - another word I have pulled out the rear and shoved on a page - this is pretty much an all about me and who I am quality I like in someone, I have HUGE tendencies to act like a kid, but not like wanting my way or crying about shit, the good, fun stuff, I love to play around, go to Chucky Chesse, climb trees, get on the floor and color and play games, whatever kids like to do besides put anything they get a hold of in there mouth, I like - it is my most innocent quality that I am glad to not have grown out of. It would be the BOMB to have this with someone else, can you imagine the fun.
10. Good Heart - always good intentions, love for the people and the animals, I would like to include spirituality in there, very important to me.
11. Family oriented - I wanted to end on an even number, but I can't forget this, this is VERY IMPORTANT to me, family is all we have, and if you lack this quality, you can jump on my family wagon but if you don't have it in your heart, then BYE BYE.

There are physical traits I would like to put on this list, but the better part of me is saying DON'T DO IT, hahahhahaha - so we will save that for a different day.

Things I would like to HAVE that I have either seen, experienced at one moment or I think would just be nice.
1. "THE ONLY QUALITY" - this is a very rare quality someone has, but I have experienced it, it is the feeling of someone making you feel like you are the only one around, there is no one else there. NO ONE ELSE. It is hard to do, it is amazing to me, because you know when you are somewhere with someone, how hard it is not to look around, or go off and mingle w/others. This quality is so rare, the person that possesses it, can move around a room and talk to others and you know they only see you, you can feel there vibes where ever you are at. LOVE THIS!!!
2. Sugar - not sure what I would call this. When people remember things you say, really remember, things as small as your love of ice-cream and the happiness it brings to you, so they offer to take you to get one when you are sad. Or when someone leaves you a little note that says, I am thinking of you, just for no damn reason. A call or email that says you are on my mind, and I wanted to say HI. Cute stuff, gets me, but genuine, not someone over doing it, things that pop up unexpectedly.
3. Hair play - not nasty people, I love my hair played with, but with skill, not just anyone can do this, believe me, if you suck just don't do it, hands off the hair buddy, hahahahah.
4. HOT - I could not go with out placing one reference to physical appearance - you see also, not a necessity, but it would be nice - easy on the eyes, easy on the hips, is that the saying, hahahahhahahaha
5. Genius - this would be superfantastic to have a HOT GENIUS w/a big BEEP, hahahhahahaha - WOO HOO, I got jokes - I did just realize I forgot to put STUPID under DON'T WANT and a BRAIN under MUST HAVE, so there - intelligence is necessary but being a genius would just be BONUS.

There is more, there is always more, but hey now wasn't this fun. Now go off and find your girl someone to love, hahahahha. Just kidding the fun is in the finding. And getting nothing you asked for is even more interesting. It is finding the perfect mix, getting a little of what you want and maybe a little of what you don't but hey if he has OTHER things going, you will learn to LOVE, hahahahah - I just am not right. NOT RIGHT.

more me later


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Misty,

I totally dig your writing style! I really love reading what yo have to say.

I was just wondering, who has ever played with hair and just made you love it and want more? Since then have you had "boys" try to play with your hair but just don't do it right? Inquiring minds want to know.

12:37 PM  
Blogger Jo said...


You had me at stank ass. I need to start my list now.

Love ya,

4:06 PM  
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