Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Marriage and Children - OH MY

Traditional thought and Reality constantly play games with my emotions. Let me see...I am now a thirtysomething, 32 to be exact, I ain't scured to say. Marriage I don't think much of it (for myself...before you start getting all WELL I NEVER) and children, I la la love but don't necessarily need to have one of my own(even though they are a good idea...for when you are OLD, hahah). I am at that age that everyone thinks I should be settling down and performing these two rights of passage. I DON'T WANT TO!!!! I DON'T HAVE TO!!!!!! I am truly happy with the idea of being a loner. I mean good times are always available, if needed or wanted. BUT, let me clarify one thing, I am not against either of these two things, I AM JUST NOT LOOKING FOR IT OR PLANNING MY LIFE ACCORDING TO IT. I know so many people who want this "dream" as soon as, and they are so miserable, for lack of a better word. Crying about "what if I am always alone", or "what if I never find anyone" I have words for you - YOU WILL BE OKAY!!! I promise, there is so much for us to do in this world, and guess what...we can do it ALL BY OURSELVES. I repeat, I am not against, and I know the joy of sharing my life with someone, but the joys of walking the road by MYSELF is a whole other trip, a trip sooooooo worth taking. My whole thing is, you should NOT EVEN TRY TO SHARE A LIFE WITH SOMEONE, IF YOU DON"T KNOW YOURSELF...and how do you get to KNOW YOURSELF...SPENDING TIME ALONE WITH YOURSELF, and I don't mean that in a nasty way(for those of you who really know me, hahahah).

Tell me what you think, shout it out - LOUD AND PROUD, don't be SCURED!!!!

I am trying to get back into this writing thing, it is a new year.



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