Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Oh is this a bad time for you?
I just can't get us right,
But I love you, now.
No, not then,
Then when you were loving me,
Then when you already knew.
Now, now I love you.
Love me BACK.
Love me ONLY.
Love me NO MATTER,
Didn't you say that once, remember?
You loved me once,
Once when you knew.
So...So is this a bad time for you?
because I LOVE YOU NOW!

I dedicate this to all the peeps that feel this way. If you are either the one in love, or the one that just doesn't feel the same. Believe me, I know it is hard to be in either position. It is like how do things get to that point, how did you go and have a whole relationship, fall in love - ALL BY YOURSELF - how did the other person drop out on you and you didn't even realize, realize in enough time to avoid the hurt. OR How did the relationship you are in, move to the point, where the other person fell all in love w/your dumbass, hahahah, all the while you were still wondering if you liked them at all. YUP I have been on both sides my friends and it is not pretty. I think it is amazing how you have almost NO CONTROL over those BAD BOY FEELINGS. How even when it is all bad, there is absolutely nothing going your way in a relationship, YET, YET you STILL FALL!!! WHY MOMMA, WHY??

Well like G-LO says "that is how we lurn".

more me later


Anonymous Just said...

Bad timing is when you decide that you are ANTI-relationship and want nothing to do with anyone of the opposite sex (or same sex if you prefer) and then the man of your dreams seeks you out and forces you to fall in love with him.

In my case, I had to choose between London and LonDan. But of course good ol' Just always find a way to have both...

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Rita said...

Bad timing is the nature of relationships; the flip side is marraige because you both actually like each other for once (then you get married and hate each other again). I liked the G-Lo shout out at the end.

8:27 AM  

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