Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Wow I didn't think yesterday's blog (Alien Invasion) would stir so many people up, I have gotten apologies from people thinking they have been a bad friend to me, people asking me if they did something wrong to upset me and confusion about who I really am. These are all from people who are suppose to GET ME, hahahha. Isn't the POWER OF SUGGESTION, powerful? I suggested I was upset w/a certain type of person, so people who might have had a trait or two that I mentioned - stood up and said - "IS IT ME?" - you know what, I am proud of you guys, owning up to your own SHAME, hahahha. That is why I love you - OWN IT - hey I am a screw-up too, I am not without tiny flaws, I know I disguise pretty darn well, but baby, this ain't no pretty picture. Character flaws I might have a plenty, I just don't know what they are, hahahahha. Hey I just wrote one, MISTY THINKS SHE IS PERFECTION, hahahah. Not really my peeps...not really.

How could such a HAPPY person as myself be so ANGRY, my little sweet pea said. So I re-read my story and thought yes it might seem out of character for me, being that I am such a pile of SUGAR (PERFECTION I TELL YOU), BUT I do stay happy for a reason. I VENT often. Before I started blogging, I chatted it up w/my friends, I journald, I wrote mean/sad poetry and I joined a self love - self help -love the people group (RC SHOUT OUT!). I have no problem getting off my chest what I need to get off my chest - I don't want that shit lingering around causing misery to all. So for those of you who don't know me and those of you who don't talk to me often - I am BREEZY, I am COOL, I AM HAPPY!! I am who I am because I RELEASE the bad. IN WITH THE GOOD OUT W/THE BAD!! Let's say it all together "IN WITH THE GOOD OUT W/THE BAD!!"

Yes it is true, I did write about someone, and that incident made me think of other casualties with such type people, and so I became RAGED, hahahha. Not really RAGE, but worked up a bit. All in a days emotion-coaster shenanigans. We are creatures of FEELINGS, and these FEELINGS have tendencies that we really can not explain and have totally no control over. But hey I am so over it and me and my incident are kind of like friends again, hahahahha...well at least till the next time.

more me later


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