Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Alien Invasion

You know how there are people you talk to or sort of become friends with, that you would NEVER have talk to or become friends with if 1)they didn't work w/you 2)they hadn't married into family or friends or 3)they didn't hang out with someone you know. There is something about these people that make them tolerable to you, you relate in some way, connect with them in SOME WAY, you might not be able to put your hands on it but there is something, if not only for one of the 3 reasons above. BUT when they do something that is totally one of those things you can't stand another human being to do, you just want to KICK YOUR OWN ASS for having these people in your life, or at least the people who brought them in to your life. You walk away wondering why you bother with these people. Why you keep forgetting that these people you will NEVER GET because you would HAVE NEVER EVER CHOSE THEM TO BEGIN WITH. I know harsh, but there is a reason I don't like, vanity, cruelness, people who are ALWAYS RIGHT, people who have a severe case of tunnel vision, negative people, selfish PEOPLE, annoying people, people who talk to DAM MUCH and don't care that you MIGHT like to join in the convo!! BASTARDS!!!

I know everyone has ugly things about them, but sometimes people have too many ugly things, you often wonder why anyone likes them at all, WHY someone hasn't beaten them to a pulp by now. WHY haven't they been shut down and put in there place. I will tell you WHY, THEY AREn't REALLY PEOPLE, they are EXTRATERRESTRIALS, ALIENS if you will, creatures from another planet put on this earth to FUCK with us, to ruin our days, to let us know that life is not all HAPPY GO LUCKYness. They are the reason we want to be better people, they are our example of what we don't want to be. Without a bad example of a human being, how would we know what is GOOD.

and if by chance they ARE NOT ALIENS...well they should at least be told this > > >

STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN - stop and think of others, stop and think what you are saying before you say it, stop and think you aren't perfect, stop and think you just might not be right, stop and think other people have feelings, stop and think maybe you are not as cute as you think. LOOK around and see no one is laughing, look and see how other people are taking you in, look at peoples faces, their moods, PAY ATTENTION and LISTEN w/not only your ears but your heart and your mind - LISTEN!!!! - Just like you aren't talking just to talk, others are REALLY trying to do the same. Oh and if someone just listened to you spout off about bullshit for 5 min. you think you got at LEAST 2 min. for them - YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON or ALIEN on EARTH!

You know most of the time you expect people to give as much as they get, especially people you are around alot, you want it to be an equal give and take. I know I am partly to blame, I have a problem dishing back the same type shit these alien-people-creature-things give me - it is shocking to me what comes out their pie hole and the shit they do, I COULD NEVER be this way - maybe that is why they have come this far - there is NO ONE OUT THERE who can be so UGLY.

So I ask of you out there for the sake of all humanity- PLEASE HELP US RID THESE ALIEN PEOPLE FROM THE PLANET - let's trash talk them to the ground, where they are left in a puddle of their own tears for everyone to laugh at them, and spit on them and say THAT IS WHAT YOU GET BITCHES!!!!

KNOW anyone like this, I wanna know.

more me later


Anonymous Rita said...

One of my favorites is the type who knows absolutely everything about anything you mention. You start to say something about your cousin with this super rare disease and the know it all says "Yeah I had that disease already." Or you are like, "Have you seen streetcar named desire." ANd they are like,"I have seen every movie since the dawn of time and...blablahblablah." STFU.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Truecraig said...

Yeah Rita, I've said that before.


9:00 AM  

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