Thursday, April 28, 2005

THOSE were the DAYS!

Hey remember those hand jive songs we use to do in elementary school:
My Sailor went to I I I
to see what he could I I I
but all that he could I I I
was the bottom of the ocean I I I

My Sailor went to Love Love Love
to see what he could Love Love Love
but all that he could Love Love Love
was the bottom of the ocean Love Love Love

My Sailor went to U U U
to see what he could U U U
but all that he could U U U
was the bottom of the ocean U U U

(then for the finale)
My Sailor went to I Love U
to see what he could I Love U
but all that he could I Love U
was the bottom of the ocean I Love U

Or hey what about this hand jive:

I'm a nut
In a hut
i stole an apple from the tree
so what
I'm crrrrraaaaazzzzzyyyy
I'm ______________________ (and I can't remember the rest)

OH DUDE, remember having a music teacher and you learned DO RE ME FA SO LA TI DO and the hand jive that went with it. And everybody had to sing.

Hey do the girls (my age) remember wearing YOYO's they were the coolest platform shoes for girls. What about the Roos (they are back again, I brought them back this time, NO LIE). Oh and Kappas w/the color triangle changes.

Heads up 7UP. Hey what about, lice check which was kind of like heads up 7UP but if someone put your thumb down then you left the class and everyone knew you had bugs in your head and not a bad case of dandruff - ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh YUCK!!

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH so excited toys, remember toys, what about Mun chee chee munchee chee all so soft and cuddly. What about that pink pooch, POOCHIE, poochie for girls (hey and it is still for girls, haha). Speak and Spell, Hungry-Hungry Hippo, RubiX Cube, that little pocket football game - it was white w/green and red lights, member you memeber, hahaha. OH YEAH, Atari - me and my brother had one, and it would make me laugh because while he was playing he would get so excited and he would kick like he was spastic - it was PEE IN YOUR PANTS funny. I use to love Pitfall, Donkey Kong and there was this other game I had that I la la loved - I can't remember the name, but those were the DAYS, I think Atari was totally the bestest tv, game, hookup thing EVER - I guess because for some reason I can't play anything for shit anymore.

What else from elementary school, boys chasing you to the backstop, so they can try to kiss you. I remember everyday during recess, me and my best friend Jeannette would get chased by the whole pack of boys, and you see I couldn't run very well, but Jeannette was like the FASTEST kid in our school. So she would hold my hand and drag me around, so they wouldn't get me. WELL one day Jeannette was out sick, so I had to do the running all by myself, well I CAN'T RUN, so guess what, YEP, they got me, they got me on the ground and all took turns slobbering on my face, while I tried to scream for help. NEVER GOT HELP - can you believe, how traumatic!!!!

I remember getting to school early because we would sneak up on stage, which was in the cafeteria, some boys and some girls and they would make out - IN ELEMENTARY, I never did though (so what the hell was I doing up there), I was SCARED.

I also remember around 4th/5th grade when kids start cussing and I always was scared to, so if someone said fuck you, I would be like, YOU!, that is what I would say - YOU!, hahahahha, that is so DAM funny.

OH remember that birds and bees video, i don't remember the actual video BUT i remember the separation of boys and girls, and sitting on the floor in the library in the dark laughing - so much maturity.

KICK BALL, I am excited to bring this up, because I didn't so much like it back in the days, because EVERYTIME I would run to kick the ball, I would miss it, I would fumble up and miss it - so embarrassing. BUT NOW at 31, I am pretty okay at kickball, I am on an adult team, and I haven't missed a kick yet - YEAH FOR ME!

Afternoon specials.

Peppermint park - to the houstonians who know.

Monkey bars.

Slumber parties. Diana remember singing LIKE A VIRGIN - and meaning it, hahahahha?

Isn't this fun, remembering the past, I remember so much, what is funny is I can hardly remember the last 10 years. Oh and i still have a few friends that i still talk to, that i have known since Kinder - Diana and Angie.


more me later