Wednesday, May 18, 2005


This weekend I went to this private party thing, I knew the DJ...of course, hahah. ANYWAYS, I was just chilling me and my girls, Norma and Lisa, doing that lean and groove, you know what I'm sayin. So they leave and go to the bathroom, and I am standing there groovin and this guy comes up to me - and he is like what's your name, so I say - MISTY - he said Misty you are fly - so I say w/a big smile and my high pitch girly voice, THANKS! He leans in again and he says - yah you fly Misty and your fly is down. WHA WHA WHATCHEW SAY - How embarrassin, I mean it is cool he told me, but he didn't have to do it all suave, like he was picking me up or something. BUT what can I say, I have that face that people feel they can tell me whatever they want, whatever that means, hahahah. So I giggle it up because that is what I do, and he says, don't worry I am gonna stand right cheur and block why you do yo'biznez. So I did, said thank you, giggled again and he walked off and I think he told his friend, because he looked at me and chuckled. I felt all stupid until my pals got there and then I told them and we all laughed. BUT for those few minutes I was ALONE, I felt DUMB.

So this brings me to what I want to talk about today. NO, not more embarrassing moments in my life, BUT pick-up lines or routines or whatever you call it. I personally love original shit. Compliments are nice, like - you are fine, or you got nice boobs, hahha - you know what I mean, just compliments. BUT they are so blahhhhhhh - I mean who doesn't like a compliment, but I prefer jokes or witty banter, something ORIGINAL. My last B.F. and you know who you are - we were at a party and he walks up to me and he is like have you ever felt a dead persons finger - I think I just kind of stared at him, and he did some weird thing with my fingers or his fingers - well I can't remember exactly, but the point is - he won me over with that shit, 5 minutes later we were making out on the floor and 10 years later we still find eachother amusing, hehe.

In high school, once this guy bet a sheet of acid that he would go out with me first - now how cute is that - someone putting there business in jeopardy for a date with me.

I also SOMETIMES like an aggressive approach, another high school moment I remember - me and my friends met these guys at the maze, which was a popular hang out area in Houston, anyways this one guy was a real DICK and I was like whatever with him - so we were leaving and I was telling everyone bye and I was getting up, the Dick guy got up in my face and was like YOU AREN'T LEAVING w/out SAYING GOODBYE, I was like Baaa, and just as I was getting the rest of the word out, he grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat, it was amazing, movie like shit - we ended up smooching the whole night, my friends weren't too happy they had to stay and wait for me, but I had a great time and he ended up being one of my first boyfriends, hehe - CUTE!! I don't think that shit would fly these days, well I just don't think men are that brave these days, well I am sure that would be some kind of a lawsuit in the making. THOSE WERE THE DAYS

This one guy I met once, I was coming out of a club and I had seen this guy in the club but I couldn't get any eye contact with him, so I was like whatever with him, hahahha - that is what I say to rejection, hahahah. ANYWAYS so me and my pals were coming out the club at 2AM, you know when everybody else is coming out the club - and all of a sudden I am holding hands with someone, I turn, and it is him - I was like hey, he said hey, and with no other words we walked to my car, he gave me a peck and asked if he could have my digits - HOW F'ing SUAVE is that - I mean confidence gets sooooooooooooooo many points.

You know what I just realized these stories leave me making out with lots of boys, it's TRUE I love smooching it up - a KISSING WHORE if you will, BUT, it is not like I do this all the time, or these kinds of things happen to me all the time. BELIEVE me there are not that many good pick-up lines, games, whatever they are called out there.

Well I am sure there are a few more in my bag, but I would rather hear some of your experiences.

MOre me Later