Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anything you LOVE can cause you PAIN!

I was sitting with myself the other day thinking...hmmmm....wouldn't the world be GRAND if we could have all the things we love in this world when we wanted, as much as we wanted, regardless of ANYTHING.

Then I started thinking... what do i love - ICE-CREAM! Ice-cream brings me the most joy of all joys. It changes my mood, from whatever to pure happiness. It is so tasty and fulfills any hunger I might have. I think, I could eat it in place of all other things, all day everyday. BUT, BUT, BUT - I CAN'T!!!!! Why you say, no you don't say, because you know I can't. If I eat too much, it will make the tummy hurt. If I ate it all the time, everytime I'm hungry, everytime I need a pick me up, everytime I have a craving - I would BLOW UP. It has to be one of the most fat making things ever. Sure if I didn't care about being a chubby chick, or care about my health, i would totally be two spooning it, BUT how can I not. So say I didn't care about that, I blow-up and no one loves me. Which would put a damper on my second love - MALES! So I have infact proven Love(ice-cream) causes PAIN(obesity leading to ugly leading to NO love).

Do we need more examples. I love boys(over 21 of course), I love men, I love the opposite sex. They are so nice, and pretty and yummy and stuff. They make me happy and they entertain me and they comfort me and they bring me ice-cream and flowers and so much more, sooooooooooooooo much MORE. If I could, and I have tried, I would have as many as I want whenever I want, how ever I want, no matter what. I mean why not right? Options are always good, it prevents boredom, and routine and keeps things exciting and colorful. Who doesn't like that? Also more than one keeps drama to a minimum. If you had a permanent one, but wanted to throw one in to the mix, every now and then, you know, just for a little change, that wouldn't be sooooooo bad. I know you might say, hey, Misty, that is WRONG, it is player, or hater or cheater or adulterer - BUT WAIT, not if you have a love, an appreciation for a person, a boy, a man, the male with all his wonders and splendor, like I do. BUT, NO, NO, NO - you can't do this either - you have feelings to consider, of ALL involved, you have disease and pregnancy to worry about, you have reputation and respect and morals and even MORE. But say I did it anyway. I don't even have time to list the amount of things we could put under the words "PAIN IT WILL CAUSE". I'm sure you can imagine.

Satisfied yet? YOu know it's true. what is that saying - too much of anything good is not good at all or is that too much bad feels good, hahahahha - just kidding. WELL it is true! Maybe I should think of it like that - Ice-cream is bad for you, but having it, alot, anytime I want, feels good to me. Same with boys, they are bad for me, but having them and by having them, I mean....heheheheheh - no for real -having them feels good to me.

Let's embrace that people - LOVE IS BAD, BUT TOO MUCH IS GOOD, hahahahhahahahaha - Is that how I broke it down? Well it is just something to ponder. Not to say I really practice that, what kind of girl do you think I AM? BUT you know, it would be NICE, hehe.

Tell me whatcha think!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you are right on the money!! I love your bloggs, oh, how I have missed them so!! Not as much as I miss you though!! I love you man!! NIAGW!!

9:25 AM  
Blogger rav_iz_rav said...

I enjoyed that. That is an issue with most people not being able to find their middle. All of us are too extreme; left or right. Good stuff; keep it coming. Have a great weekend!

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Eat frozen yogurt instead and you and your partner can become of both worlds...haha!

Love you lots!

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Guess who?

8:30 PM  

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